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Millions of hours of video are consumed daily across the internet; don’t you wish you could harness a fraction of that time for your business? Good news - you can! SundaySky's Shopify advertising app allows you to easily create video ads customized to your brand.

With the click of a button, create compelling video ads that increase awareness of your brand, attract new customers, and generate sales.

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How it Works

SundaySky automation selects your top selling products and creates multiple videos that are relevant to each individual shopper and distributes them on top sites like CNN, MSNBC and others.

Worried you don't have enough shoppers? Our Shopify advertising app helps you find new shoppers that don’t know your brand or haven’t shopped yet.

Shopify Advertising App

Customize your video  in the Shopify Advertising App with a few simple steps

- Choose theme & colors
- Add text to your video
- Set your daily budget

Shopify Advertising App

Maximize every dollar you spend

Our platform’s AI technology will track your campaign and automatically optimize creative and ad placement according to performance. You can track daily performance every day through reporting dashboards in Shopify advertising app.

Go Further, Faster with Video

Use the power of video to create engaging experiences that attract new customers to your brand, expand your relationship with existing customers and most importantly, generate sales.

Shopify Advertising App


Remove the guesswork and let AI distribute video ad experiences across top ad publishers in high-quality placements on their sites and find the right audiences to target and drive measurable results.

Shopify Advertising App


Let automation help you create and manage video ads to match your messaging and brand needs.

Shopify Advertising App

The SundaySky Shopify App makes it simple to create video ads and find new customers. The ads took me less than 4 minutes to create and they look great. They are also showing all of my products and all I had to do was click a few buttons! Thank you.

Mask Lynk

New York

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